Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Mother Tongue / Other Tongue Competition


Hello everyone!
This year’s Manchester Children’s Book Festival is doing a great deal of trailblazers before the event in June. We have author's tours and talks happening before the festival and a good few of our competitions will soon be rounding up. 
Here is one which I strongly encourage, being a bi-linguist myself (sorry, that sounded big-headed. FYI; I was born in Brasil and got dragged here to escape Carnaval). If you have children or have regular contact with a school or think this could be interesting for friends or family, spread the word. It's a great way for our multi-cultural city (and country) to expand our knowledge with works from other nations. 
This is the link with more information. The event is free and provides (wine) CPD for teachers.
Any questions, post a comment on the blog and I’ll be in touch.