Sunday, 30 September 2012

On, and on, and on and Kevin's gone

Due to an overwhelming amount of fan mail, I feel I need to explain my current absence from blogging. By no means is it a lack of what to write. My B-box (that's 'B' for brain!) is a stream of thoughts, yet these are not ones mature enough to share. 

Second year at uni has started and the reading list, plus everything around the list, is extensive and daunting. Adam Bede has been the biggest challenge as of yet (no pun intended, he's fictional), though I'm sure he won't be the only one this year. 

Some projects I've been asked to work on include 'Postcards From The Past', an MMU and MLF collaboration, an archeological dig (though I won't be picking up a spade myself) with some local schools starting in the spring and hopefully a student press office something or other. Once they all kick-off there will no doubt be a post or another whining or praising the whole experience. 

I hope this will satisfy all of you out there and if you do want to continue sending your fan, hate and spam mail, well... do.

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